11 Things Only Redditors Will Understand


Reddit is a mystery to some, to others a gateway to the unfathomable knowledge and sometimes stupidity of the internet. Let’s take a gander, shall we, at some of the things that only Redditors and the many lurkers will understand.

1. The true meaning of Reddit Gold:

SHut up and take my money

What is Reddit Gold? It’s a monthly subscription. What does it do? I have no idea. No one else does either.

2. The Jolly Rancher, Streetlamp Le Moose, and Today You, Tomorrow Me stories. Don’t look up the first one, there’s a reason I didn’t link it.

Today You Tomorrow Me

3. Karmanaut. Here’s a video of him cooking bacon. Yes, that fresh faced looking kid is supposedly one of Reddit’s most notorious users.

4. On the flipside, one of Reddit’s most beloved users is Shitty_Watercolour. His novelty account turned profession was creating “shitty” watercolor paintings, usually of people’s comments. He was once banned by Karmanaut.

New Year

5. The feeling you get when you get more than one upvote.


6 Reddit.com/r/subredditdrama


7. Le Reddit Army.
Army 1

Army 2

Army 3

8. The significance of Narwhals and bacon.


9. At some point or another this happens to you.
Purple links

10. When OP’s deliver…

Op delivers

11. You know better than to browse r/nosleep or r/creepy at night, but you do it anyway.
no sleep

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