12 Heartbreaking (Good & Bad) Coming Out Videos On YouTube

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Any time you have a kid coming out to a parent, there is that enormous potential for backlash or intolerance. Parents are a fickle thing and sometimes they don’t act like, well, a good, loving parent. But sometimes they do, and that happened to be the case with the Rhodes Bros, twin YouTubers who came out to their father via telephone.

Now he could have made unfounded accusations, blamed himself for drinking too much light beer, or asked all manner of inappropriate questions about whether they were doing it with each other, but this dad isn’t an asshole — in fact, even though you can hear the uncertainty in his voice, their dad reacts exactly like you’d want him to, which is great. Fortunately, other YouTubers who have come out have had equally accepting parents. Unfortunately, others haven’t been so lucky. As a sort of thank you to Papa Rhodes for being the kind of tolerant parent we’d all like to have, we’ve created this list of 12 of the Most Heartbreaking Coming Out Videos On YouTube. Don’t think that this is a ranked list or that one video is more emotional than another — each is its own journey. They’re all heartbreaking in both the good and bad sense, so readers beware: emotionally bumpy content ahead.

12. Benji Choi

11. Lennea Bunker

10. Trace Nelson

9. Sarah Lee

8. Drew Carter

7. BuzzNewsNow

6. Are You Surprised

5. The Monastero Twins

4. Jesse Duke

3. Brooklyn Beauty

2. Best Funny TV (?)

1. Southern Baptist Minister Opens Up To Congregation About His Son

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