15 Flawless Mike Relm Remixes For Your 2015 Playlist


It’s easy to get obsessed with Mike Relm. He’s part DJ, part director, and instead of remixing simple song tracks he remixes every kind of media to create a unique sonic and visual experience. His latest work, remixing the smash film Guardians of the Galaxy into a hella catchy tune, is just another entry in his long ledger of rad projects. Mike has slapped his unique spin on everyone and everything from Amy Schumer to Anchor Man to create some of the must unique jams on YouTube. Let us suggest 15 of our favorites just in case you’re still perfecting your playlist for 2015.

Mike’s latest creation is also one of his best. We thought we couldn’t possibly love Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy any more until we saw this.

Music was theoretically central to the plot of 2010’s Scot Pilgrim Vs The World but somehow the movie failed to produce any truly killer jams…until Mike got his hands on it.

They don’t come much more classic than Mike’s earliest remix, a sick spin on the Old Spice Guy.

Amy Schumer is one of 2014’s breakout comedy stars, but in Mike Relm’s hands she’s well on her way to Grammy territory.

Listen, we know Philip DeFranco, and he’s never sounded better.

Everyone knows that Happy Endings was cancelled too soon, but this remix will live forever.

If you’re missing the festive Christmas season that we just left behind, Mike’s remix of holiday classic A Christmas Story could be just what you need.

Mike stayed classy with this remix of San Diego’s favorite fictional news anchor, Ron Burgundy.

Some might say it’s impossible to improve on the cinematic perfection that is Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop, and yet here we are listening to this rad remix. Clearly they were wrong.

Godzilla. Remix. That is all.

Modern Family will probably win another 2 million Emmys in the time it takes you to listen to this thoroughly excellent remix of Sofia Vergara’s distinctive refrain.

This guy might have allegedly gone on to murder someone, but this is back when he was cool.

Heath Ledger’s Joker was one of the best movie villains of all time and this remix does him all kinds of sinister justice.

Amy Schumer isn’t the only Comedy Central star to get the Mike Relm treatment. Check out his excellent take on Key and Peele.

Fans are sharply divided over the dance remix of Jennifer Lawrence’s “Hanging Tree” currently dominating the radios, but you’ll find no such conflict surrounding this epic Hunger Games remix.

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