17 Times Jamie Costa’s Vine Impressions Were On Point

If you don’t follow Jamie Costa on Vine, you are missing out on some greatness. Not only are his Vines topical, but his celebrity impressions while speaking on aforementioned topics are pretty much the best I’ve ever seen.

Take for example, his ability to sound just like King Julian from Madagascar while talking about football.

How about that time he portrayed a better looking Snape?

If they ever have to cast a young Indiana Jones, this is the man they should pick.

Or a young Han Solo for that matter:

Every single one of his Robin Williams impressions.

“Why is it that all the eggnog is always gone?”

Morgan Freeman. That is all.

I’m thankful he chose only the best Bonds.

Celebrating the “Jaws” anniversary as one of the characters is pretty boss.

Matthew McConaughey ponders space … while in a car. This probably isn’t the first time this has happened to be honest.

Dr. Evil needs to get a hold of his doppleganger here.

And Gandalf dispenses some much needed advice.

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