21 People Failing At Life Extra Hard, Courtesy Of YouTube

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YouTube has an awful lot of stories of win, and NMR covers a lot of them. There are the YouTubers who are succeeding at their vlogging efforts, the one-off vids about inspirational people doing inspirational things and a whole bunch of other stuff that is just … swell. But, lest we forget, YouTube is also full of human failure. (Okay, nobody has forgotten the “fail” on YouTube, we just like to make lists about it.)

Because it’s more fun to hurt than to heal (for some of us anyways), we wanted to bring you a hilarious — and big — list of abject human failure in all its forms. So for the next 21 videos at least, don’t expect to see anything but people failing to live up to the title of “people.” Yes, people are flawed, almost by definition, but somehow, these “people” manage to fail extra hard.

21. Dad Manages To Hit Toddler In The Nuts

20. “Enjoying” a 20-year-old Bottle of Crystal Pepsi

19. Deal or No Deal Massive Fail

18. Family Feud Fast Money Fail

17. Reporter Screws Up Jenga Statue

16. Lady Shitting In Public Caught On Camera

15. Handicapped Parking Abusers At Nascar

14. Motorcyclist Gets Owned Every Step Of The Way

13. Man Gags on Hennessey Trying To Copy Snoop Dogg

12. Guy Jumps In Pool After Eating

11. Harlem Shake Naked Uncensored 18+

10. Epic Melon Catapult Fail

9. Reporter Eats Cat Vomit

8. Guy Massively Pukes From Tampon Prank

7. StrongMan Drops Boulder On Himself

6. Reporter Blown Up By Motorbike (Relax, Not Fatal)

5. Grape Stomp Lady

4. Guy Brushes Teeth With Own Poop

3. Bare Ass on Electric Fence

2. Girl Criminal Ruins Her Life With Online Video Bragging About Crimes

1. Guy Shits Himself Trying To Be Funny

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