6 Creators Who Made Stirring Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute Videos

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MLK Day is more than a reason the post offices are closed or you have the day off school — it’s a celebration of a life that was greater than mere human. Dr. King preached peace and not war as a means to unite races in a very different time and place. The south in the ‘50s and ‘60s was not a place for black people to safely go — Martin Luther King, Jr. was the instrumental figure in changing that, and instilling a new way of thinking in people. So maybe give a thought today to being a vessel of change in the world instead of just recovering from your extra day of weekend. Here are six YouTube creators who have said it better today than we could’ve:

6. WWE

A surprisingly moving tribute by the YouTube faction of the World Wrestling Entertainment (Federation).

5. All Def Digital

Hey, this is probably stirring to someone out there, MLK taught me not to judge.

4. Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton chooses a special tome for the day.

3. ERB — Martin Luther King, Jr. vs. Ghandhi

A damn classic.

2. The Last Speech of Dr. MLK

While the captions for the video say an “unidentified gunman” shot Martin Luther King, Jr., their hearts were in the right place.

1. The White House

It’s pretty emotional to watch a black man salute MLK from the highest office in the land.


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