6 Videos To Help You Decide Where You Stand on Legalized Weed


The hottest video on YouTube today is a major on-air smackdown between America’s shrieking harpy of conscience Nancy Grace and rapper 2-Chainz over the legalization of marijuana. The heated exchange between the two has already rushed to the number one spot on the YouTube Daily Top 20 and a second upload of the video has already trended to number three. Legalized pot is one of the most contentious issues on the table in the United States today and naturally the debate has spilled over onto our biggest and most vibrant public forum, YouTube. Check out these six videos from some of YouTube’s best and brightest before you decide if you’re Team Nancy Grace or Team 2 Chainz.

The Pros

We couldn’t possibly start the pro-weed side of the debate without our favorite marijuana activist, Charlo Greene. This former Alaskan news anchor colorfully quit her job live on the air in order to focus on the cause of legalized pot in Alaska. Vice News profiled Greene following her viral resignation and got a look inside her legalization campaign.



We all know that Hannah Hart is no teetotaler and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. When Hannah landed comedian Sarah Silverman as a guest on My Drunk Kitchen, she ran into one small problem. Silverman doesn’t drink alcohol. Luckily for Hannah Sarah was up for doing the show high. Hannah shares her thoughts on legal weed while making a delicious veggie pot (GET IT?!) pie. Everyone has a blast and as an added bonus, the food turns out edible for once.



Jennine Matthias is one of my favorite new YouTubers, mostly because she’s a total straight shooter. Jennine always tells it like it is and she doesn’t gloss over details to please that crowd. That’s how I know that when she shares her thoughts on legalized week we’re getting the unvarnished truth. Jennine’s level headed take is my personal favorite.



The Cons

I know what you’re going to say: College Humor is hardly a reputable source on important cultural and social issues like the legalization of weed; but you need to think outside the box here. College Humor is satire and satire can often reveal a deeper truth. So take a minute to think about what world with legalized and heavily commercialized pot might look like.



This anti-pot PSA isn’t exactly loaded with accurate facts and statistics on the dangers of marijuana use. In fact, most of the “facts” are pretty vague or just kind of made up. Still, I found this to be one of the most compelling anti-weed arguments on the web. After watching this you’ll never want to smoke again for fear that you might flash back to the terrifying floating face in a vortex that narrates it.



This may look like a typical HowToBasic video, but it’s also an important warning about the dangers of edible marijuana. So as you consider your position on legalized pot just remember that if you bake with it you will 100% definitely die in a house fire. We’re not sure how Hannah Hart and Sarah Silverman survived, but we suspect that it’s because they are both witches.



As you can see it was a little harder to find anti-weed advocates on YouTube than it was to find those in favor of legalization. Still, this list represents a fairly accurate sample of what’s out there on the ‘tubes that we know and love. So consider all the facts and arguments carefully before you make your call.


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