8 Back-to-School Vines to Make You Miss Vacation


One of the better things about being an adult is avoiding the arrival of that dreaded moment where you have to go back to school after winter break. No matter what year you’re in, getting back into that groove after having a couple weeks to be on your own schedule and do whatever you want with your days is akin to a nightmare.

So we’ve compiled a few vines to hopefully provide sympathetic relatability to those poor souls currently dealing with this predicament, and reminders to us out-of-school-forever folks that, yes, being an adult and having responsibility sucks, but it could be worse.

When you wake up in the morning and try to get ready to leave:

You try to talk your way into staying home just one more day, but your parents aren’t having any of it.

So you try to make the best of it and at least show off the cool stuff you got for Christmas to impress your classmates.

When you first walk through the doors before classes:

Because, let’s be real:

And after a couple weeks of getting to stay up as late as you want?

You’re most likely either going to see this, or be this, but either way, we can’t possibly leave it off the list:

And you just keep hoping against hope this will happen:

But it won’t. You’re back in school, and you’ve got five more months to go. But hey, hopefully only a couple more years after that, right?

What are some of your favorite back-to-school vines? Share and let us know in the comments!