8 Hilarious Ball Pit Videos To Brighten Your Day


Roman Atwood took the top spot on the YouTube Daily Top Twenty with a prank that was…dare we say…ballsy! Atwood filled his family home with plastic balls and a trampoline, creating an indoor ball pit worthy of the finest Chuck-E-Cheese. However, it’s important to remember that Atwood is a professional prankster with years of experience in troublemaking and a PhD in shenanigans. For ordinary civilians, ball pits can be nothing but trouble. If you need more proof just check out this list of our eight funniest ball pit videos:

A ball pit may look like a harmless technicolor good time, but don’t be fooled. They’re the human equivalent of the Burmese Tiger Trap, as this girl found out.


Even when escape is possible, it can often end in disaster, as this young WalMart patron quickly learns.

To be honest WalMart has a pretty poor record when it comes to ball pit operation. It’s almost as if these ball pits are storage containers for products and not meant to contain playful humans. Wild!


Dogs can do many things. They can track down escaped fugitives, rescue babies from burning buildings, and even drive cars, but they’re not experts at operating ball pits so DON’T EVEN ASK OKAY?!


Even adults can become trapped. If this happens to you just wait for assistance; don’t try to escape and don’t let any of your loved ones film it for YouTube.

Even the stars of TV’s most inexplicably popular comedy can’t resist the allure of the ball pit.

If you’re going to insist on building a ball pit in your house you’ll either want to be a professional prankster, or enlist a team of pros like Jack and Finn of Jacksgap.

And of course no list of ball pit related triumphs and disasters would be complete without this touching memorial to Dashcon. RIP Dashcon ball pit. You tried.

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