8 Reasons Grace Helbig Is Going To Kill It On E!


We’ve been speculating about Grace Helbig’s upcoming talk-show on E! ever since we first heard about it late last summer. Now we’re excited to report that it’s finally confirmed. The E! Network officially announced today that YouTube’s queen of comedy will host The Grace Helbig Project (working title) a variety show that will mix celebrity guest interviews with live out-side-the studio sketches and vlog footage. We’re pumped to see that Grace is bringing her YouTuber sensibilities to E! and we know she’s going to absolutely kill it with her new show. Here’s eight reasons why:

She’s got experience – Grace isn’t a newcomer to Late Night or to the E! Studios. She’s already appeared as a guest panelist on Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler, the very show that E! is hoping The Grace Helbig Project will replace.

She’s both high class and family friendly – Anyone planning to fill Chelsea Hander’s shoes can’t be afraid to break a few rules and drop a few F-bombs. I don’t think the woman who used to open all her videos with “What’s up F*ckers” is going to have any trouble there.Gracefinger

Her audience is INSANELY loyal– When Grace lost control of her original channel Daily Grace she was forced to relaunch her YouTube career from scratch. This would have been a deathblow for many YouTubers, but Grace took it in stride. A year later she’s back on top and going stronger than ever.

She’s multi-talented. Comedian, actress, shadow-puppeteer, Grace Helbig is a classic triple-threat.
She makes anyone look good – Part of hosting a talk show is, you know, talking. You have to be able to engage with your guest and make them feel comfortable and interesting. That can be tough if you’re stick with a real dud. Years of YouTube collabs have made Grace a pro at bringing out the best in her guests, even if they aren’t the sharpest or wittiest tools in the box. 

She’s not afraid to look silly –  The best talk show hosts from Jimmy Fallon to Kathy Lee and Hoda know that in order to succeed you have to put your pride aside. Looking like a total goofball is the way to the audience’s heart and that’s never been a problem for Grace.
She’s already got hosting experience –  Grace’s podcast Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig absolutely slays. If Grace can bring it this hard in audio only, just think how rad she’ll be lighting up your TV screens in beautiful high def.

If Kanye West has taught us anything it’s that being a star is 90% swagger and 10% actually doing stuff. Grace Helbig has got swag on swag. Only a natural born mega star could produce a GIF whose swaggyness was so definitively on fleek.


The Grace Helbig Project is set to premiere in April of 2015, just four short months from now. In the meantime you can stick with NMR for all the latest news and updates.

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