Bad Lip Reading Is All The NFL You Need – The YouTube Daily Top 20


Friday , January 23 2015

Super Bowl Sunday is just over a week away and the Bad Lip Reading team have perfectly timed a slam dunk video in which they apply their terrible lip reading magic to NFL highlights footage, producing the single most entertaining piece of football content I’ve ever seen. This video jumped to number one on the YouTube Top 20 and if you wanted to go ahead and replace Katy Perry’s halftime show with several back-to-back runs of this video, I would not be mad. Further down the charts, the Screen Junkies have their second entry into the Top 20 this week with “Before They Were Famous” and YouTube’s interview of President Obama is still going strong at number 12.

#1 “NFL 2015” — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL – Bad Lip Reading

#2 Will Ferrell – Daddy’s Home – Mark Hughes

#3 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Trailer – Netflix [HD] – Netflix

#4 Bill Gates And Jimmy Drink Poop Water – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#5 Elders Play Grand Theft Auto (REACT: Gaming) – REACT

#6 Conan Visits Taco Bell – Team Coco

#7 Before They Were Famous #3 – Oscars 2015 Edition – Screen Junkies

#8 Invisible Mindy Kaling – Nationwide Super Bowl XLIX Ad Teaser – NationwideInsurance

#9 Tom Brady Press Conference – Deflategate – Denies Any Knowledge – AwesomeArtistsLive2

#10 Lea Michele on Vomiting While Singing “Let it Go” – Jimmy Kimmel Live

#11 Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms – Microsoft

#12 The YouTube Interview With President Obama – The White House

#13 AU NATUREL – The All-Natural Burger Extended Director’s Cut – Carls Jr.

#14 First Look – Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series – Ep 2: ‘The Lost Lords’ – TelltaleGames

#15 If Your Girlfriend Was Actually Crazy – CollegeHumor

#16 Dellwood Market Looting November 24, 2014 – St. Louis County Police

#17 Things That Happen In Star Wars That’d Be Creepy If you Did Them – BuzzFeed Video

#18 Victoria’s Secret Angels Play Football – Victoria’s Secret

#19 Water and Classical Civilizations: Crash Course World History 222 –CrashCourse

#20 Kevin Durant poster dunk on Marcin Gortat: Oklahoma City Thunder at Washington Wizards –watchnba201415

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