Beer Pong, Anyone? YouTube Is Hosting Its Own HalfTime Show

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The Super Bowl is coming, mateys! And if you’re like us, you’re facing this conundrum: you like the commercials, you like the game, you like getting drunk with your friends and eating chicken wings dunked in a sauce made up of ground up other chicken wings, but you hate Katy Perry. Well, YouTube understands completely. And so they’ve launched their own Super Bowl halftime show!

Bringing us YouTube superstars like Harley Morenstein, Freddie Wong and Toby Turner, we’ll get to see some fine food demos no doubt, plus some skits, stunts and even a few fake commercials. It should be an action-packed day of carnival-like mayhem brought to us by YouTube and co-sponsor CDS on the Ad Blitz channel.

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YouTube has already been an important factor indirectly in the Super Bowl celebration. Already people have spent 6.3 million hours watching ads from last year’s Super Bowl on YouTube, so the site is banking that this year, they can get a few more eyeballs for an extra half hour. What’s a half hour among friends? Oh, and did we mention there would be beer? Because if there isn’t, NMR is bringing our own! Oh, did we mention that we were going to crash this party? Because we totally are … climbin’ the fence, suckas! Hope you like us peeing on stuff. Try and keep us out.

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