BREAKING: Inside Gaming is Leaving Machinima

Popular gaming channel and hosts of “Inside Gaming” are leaving major gaming MCN Machinima.

The gentlemen made their announcement on the latest episode of “Inside Gaming Daily,” in which they elaborated on the move:

Adam Kovic: “We would love to share information with you guys about what we’re going to be called, where our content’s going to live, all that fun stuff, but um, right now we don’t know.”

Bruce Greene: “Yeah, we don’t know if we’re doing any of those things at all, so…”

Adam Kovic: “Yeah. So it’s all kind of up in the air, the only thing that is a fact is that we are leaving Machinima.”

We’re sad to see the guys leaving, but are looking forward to seeing what they’ll be up to next. In the meantime, let’s check out some of our favorite “Inside Gaming Daily” episodes:

Who doesn’t have mad respect for people willing to call out a company for lying?

Creating a viable list of some of the best games from 2014 is a tough job, but these guys did a great job!

Seriously though, if you don’t like GTA, don’t buy it.

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