Can A Farting Horse Save the Internet? We Answer That Question 7 Times …

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.40.16 AM

Meet Archie. Instead of bringing you some solemn list of 6 Creators Who Made Stirring Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Videos, we thought we’d prominently feature a farting horse who is … making waves on the internet today. Archie, who first found his way onto YouTube a couple years ago, has only now just started to manufacture the requisite … wind to fill our sails. Why is it going viral now, who knows?

So how can this horse who finds he prefers to cut farts on his back save the internet? By providing something you haven’t felt from the internet since that dramatic chipmunk: joy, unparallelled joy. Be prepared to laugh at a topic you hadn’t considered. And then because we like to … beat a dead horse, we do it again six more times. Here’s friends of Archie to the rescue:

6. Another Horse Farting

Skip to the :42 second mark for the goods. Some people don’t know how to edit for brevity.

5. Horse Farts 3.0

Gross, German horse. Its great-grandfather probably helped the Nazis carry hay and stuff.

4. Horse Fart Scares Child

What good is a horse fart if you can’t scare a child now and then?

3. Carriage Ride

This is actually less horse butthole than I like to see on a Monday.

2. Yup, MORE Horse Farts!

I think it’s the “when” that will surprise you here.

1. Ultimate Horse Fart

The suspense will get you laughing first.


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