Can You Spot The YouTubers In Ricky Dillon’s Latest Music Video?


With O2L coming to a close we’ve all been wondering what was next for the boys for YouTube’s most popular vlogger troupe. Last week O2L alums Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen announced their plan to stick to the world of video with a new collab channel where they plan to launch an variety of new meida projects and continue their groundbreaking work in the field of challenge videos. For fellow O2Ler Ricky Dillion it seems the world of music is calling.

Dillion has been building his music repertoire for a while, releasing a handful of singles and music videos while he was still with O2L. This week his career takes a giant leap forward with the release of his first EP, RPD, on iTunes. There’s never really a bad time to release an album of auto-tuned dance pop, but Dillon isn’t taking any chances. To sweeten the deal, the YouTube star also dropped the video for “Thunder and Lightning,” his second single off the EP to coincide with the release date.

The new song could definitely be called music by most definitions, but the real fun here is playing spot-the-YouTuber. Our well-trained eyes detected Joey Gatto, ThatsoJack, and our girl Alexis G. Zall getting down pool side with Ricky. Take a look for yourself and see how many familiar faces you can pick out of the crowd. As for Ricky’s potential pop star status, we’ll have to wait and see; but the early iTunes numbers make it clear that his fans definitely have his back.


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