Celebrate 11 Years Of Opportunity Rover’s Mars Exploration With 11 ‘Martian’ YouTube Clips

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Can you believe NASA has been putting their greasy little treadmarks all over Mars for 11 years as of today? Neither could we, so we decided to check some sources and yep, it’s true. January 25, 2004 is when Opportunity touched down on Mars’ red surface. Opportunity is basically The Little Engine That Could. It landed right around the same time as its twin rover, Spirit, but that hunk of junk got stuck and broke down years ago. Opportunity has been running for 40 times its designed lifespan!

Never being one to waste an opportunity, we decided we needed some Mars-related YouTube clips to put us on the winning track. (USA! USA!) And hopefully NMR will do a similar article 11 years after Elon Musk establishes the first colony on Mars. But we’ll worry about that later.

11. The Update Announcing 11 Years Of Opportunity On Mars

10. Opportunity Has Robot Alzheimer’s

9. The Secret Story of Mars –Mars Documentary

8. Mysterious Humanoid Caught Next To Mars Curiosity Rover

7. Bruno MARS — “Uptown Funk”

6. How To Get To Mars (this is cool!)

5. The story of MARS Candy Bars

4. Total Recall 2015 (Full Movie)

3. Colonizing Mars

2. Classic Total Recall Eye-popping Death Set To Inappropriate Music

1. Mars (as viewed by Opportunity)

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