Celebrate Trisha Hershberger’s #Engaged Announcement With 8 YouTuber Video Proposals

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It’s like a million nerds cried out in sadness, and then … silence.

Trisha Hershberger has just broken hearts wide open all over the YouTubez with her just-released Twitter announcement that she accepted her long-time boyfriend’s marriage proposal.


Of course, while NMR couldn’t be more excited for Trisha, we’re now doing that thing where we sit around eating tons of ice cream, looking at our empty ring finger and wondering if we should just buy a bunch of cats (answer: hell yes!). A Sourcefed co-anchor and channel runner in her own right, Trisha has long been one of the YouTube dream girls that everybody always kind of hoped was going to marry them (sniff). Now we are just going to channel our emotions into our work, so here is a list of other YouTuber’s who are more or less off the market. Presenting the eight best YouTuber engagement videos/announcement videos we could find. So many sparkly rocks!

8. Jack Hyer

7. Tyson J Henderson

6. Prank vs. Prank’s, Um, Proposals

5. KelliUniverse

4. College Humor

3. Madilyn Bailey

2. Wheezy Waiter

1. Screen Team

Share this video because it’s great news and we couldn’t be more thrilled for our buddy Trisha!

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