CES 2015 vs. Back to The Future 2! – #NEWS

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It’s 2015 and that means we’re going BACK TO THE FUTURE! — sort of. As the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Los Vegas, Misty Kingma and Gabe Hohreiter of #News try to figure out which version of 2015 is better: the fantasy future of “Back to the Future 2,” or the latest round of high-tech gadgets on display at CES. On the one hand we have Marty McFly on a hoverboard, 3D hologram sharks advertising “Jaws 19,” flying cars and the Black & Decker Hydrator that hydrates pizza. On the other, the Belty smart belt that automatically adjusts to fit your waist, the “Ring” gadget that turns your finger into a motion stylus for your phone, the Schlage Sense smart lock and Archos Android-powered smart home that you can control with Siri, a driverless BMW that can park itself and a self-driving Audi that made a 550-mile trip from San Francisco to Vegas. Which 2015 will come out ahead? Tough call.


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