Chad Neidt Turns The State Of The Union Into A Musical!


Last night, the President Delivered the State of the Union address, outlining his plans for the next year of his Presidency and for the country. Because this is 2015 the whole thing was streamed live on YouTube. Since last night nearly 1.2 million people have clicked play to hear President Obama deliver his vision for the future. Those are some decent results considering that by YouTube standards the president’s speech was, let’s face it, pretty weak. There was no kicky intro, no ukulele music, he didn’t even call on his fellow Americans to like and subscribe. Barack Obama may be a Grammy Award Winner, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and an experienced two term Commander-in-Chief, but he’s a pretty lame YouTuber.

Lucky for us, and for America, there’s still time to get it right next year. So Chad Neidt of #News is here with am improved version of the state of the union. This one is a little bit shorter and way more musical. Chad sums up all the things we WISH Obama had mentioned in his state of the union and turned them into a song. THAT is how you get your message out on YouTube, Mr. President.


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