Did FPSRussia Just Get An Old School Rival? Introducing Lars Andersen

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Badassery with guns is fun, but badassery with a bow and arrow becomes an art form. Pissing all over the old Hollywood’s myths of how to hold your arrows, how to shoot and even what a bow and arrow set is capable of, Danish archer Lars Andersen is officially a badass … as long as he has his bow and arrow. Without them, a bully like you could easily take his lunch money. But this isn’t about that, this is about his skills with a rudimentary weapon — and how he can utilize YouTube to make it work for him.

In the vein of Dude Perfect, Lars’ channel is all about showing off technical skill and trick shots: two of YouTube’s favorite types of videos.

Plus there is some history thrown in there as well. “The Elders” say you can’t break into YouTube’s upper echelon anymore, it’s too difficult. But Lars has a good chance at shooting his way in.

Doesn’t that sound like an awesome movie? They said YouTube was an impenetrable fortress. They. Were. Wrong. (music plays: Duh Duh Dun Dun Dun).

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