Did Macklemore Just Invent The ‘After-Sex Tape’?

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You know, there’s probably a more polite way to answer a question, but then, “polite” has never been a strong suit. So to answer the question of “What’s the easiest way for Macklemore to score a million YouTube views?”, the answer is: f**king. Macklemore has just contributed footage to YouTube of his own “after-sex tape.” And better yet, there was some other dude in the room, filming. But this isn’t like that yucky pic of Kesha that was making the rounds a few years ago (no, not linking), this is the after-after sex tape post of him and his fiancé Tricia Davis announcing that they havin’ a baby. Yup, a direct result of sex may be pregnancy, so After-Sex Tape is correct, suckers, although maybe not what you were hoping for when you jammed your hands down your pants and clicked on the link. For those of you with your hands still down your pants even though there is now a baby involved … seek help (and not from a bottle of Jergens).

Edited by Ryan Lewis, the footage of Macklemore and Tricia learning they are pregnant has already been viewed a million times and kicked off a legion of good tidings for the couple who have been together since long before “Thrift Shop” was a song.

Considering that other couples have posted their baby news on YouTube, technically Macklemore didn’t invent the “After-Sex Tape,” but NMR did just coin the phrase, so there’s that …

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