Disney Villain Gaston Is A Buff-Ass YouTube Hero: 7 Videos That Prove It

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No one fights like Gaston
Douses lights like Gaston
In a wrestling match nobody bites like Gaston

Apparently no one becomes a YouTube star like Gaston either. This actor for Walt Disney World has become a sort of viral sensation — and he might not even know it. Playing the buff and vain long-haired Disney villain from Beauty & the Beast, this guy is beyond charming and beyond talented. If Disney knew what they had (and hopefully after reading this — hell yes Disney reads all our shit), they’d give the guy a huge pay raise. He goes above and beyond his pay grade to instill a sense of wonder and true Disney Magic for all the kids and tourists alike. Don’t believe us? You will. Check out his seven best videos, all posted by tourists. That’s some seriously good PR.

7. “Tell that Pan boy… “

6. Gaston burns heckler

5. “No one loves Gaston like Gaston”

4. “The words you’re looking for are ‘wow,’ followed by ‘thank you’”

3. “My eyes are up here”

2. Gets scolded by little girl

1. Shames “musclehead” in pushup competition


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