Does Hulu Want A Video Game High School Of Its Own?

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RocketJump, the production house behind the massively massive Video Game High School, is now set up to give Hulu something special: a new series. Requesting an eight episode original series from them via Lionsgate, Hulu is looking for its third original series from its collab with Lionsgate.

The series has no name as of yet, and no release date, but it will be RocketJump’s first series off of the YouTube platform.

“We firmly believe the future of television is online, and Hulu has recognized the value of quality long-form series,” said Freddie Wong, co-founder of RocketJump, to Variety. “We’re incredibly excited to bring our brand of over-the-top action and comedy to a new audience in a show that will change the way you look at independent filmmaking.”

Sounds like they’ve already got an idea brewing. We’ll let you know more when we know more. ‘Til then:

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