F*@& This $#*%! The 12 Best Freakouts On YouTube

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This video of a woman freaking out after missing her ferry is a good compliment to the genre of YouTube freakouts. It’s not the best, mind you, but it isn’t the worst either.

What is great about it is it provides NMR with an excellent opportunity to do the 12 Best Freak Out Videos on YouTube. Sometimes, when it’s still early in the week, all you want to do is watch people scramble their own eggs over some petty bullshit that won’t matter a day later. Of course, by the end of the week, we’re not just watching freakout videos, we’re starring in them. Here are 11 of our other favorite freakouts, but there are lots more where these came from:

11. Why Are You Closed? I Want To Go Shopping!

10. Airport Freakout: Call My Parents

9. Demon Girl Attacks Guy On Train

8. Art Student Can’t Take Criticism

7. Karate Referee Kicks Ass, Takes Names

6. “Well-Educated” Lady Freaks Out

5. “I want my F**KING Chicken McNuggets”

4. Naked Acrobat Attacks Subway Riders At BART Station

3. The Rhubarb Lady

2. The Kid Who Had His WoW Account Cancelled (and tries to stick his TV remote up his ass!)

1. Guy At McDonald’s Finds Out Girl Is Cheating On Him With A Munchkin


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