Flula Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Sundance and More!

The German DJ who has stolen our hearts time and time again, is trying to get to Sundance and make a movie while he’s at it, but he can’t do it alone!

That’s right, Flula has launched a pretty sweet Indiegogo campaign titled “Flundance!” The very ambitious plan is make a movie while taking a scenic roadtrip from Los Angeles to Park City, Utah, the home of Sundance film festival and premiere the film at the festival itself. Of course, Flula plans on release the film a second time in the Spring, for those of us who might not make it to the frosty festival this year.

But of course, what is any crowdfunding campaign without its perks? Sadly, the personal phone call from Flula is already sold out, and was the lowest pledge available, costing your wallet just $3 (those of you who got in early, know that I am extremely jealous). However, each perk after just keeps on bringing the awesome. The most expensive tier being $5,000 gets you a personal screening of the movie and a dope Flula dance party.

Flula was also kind enough to include a full breakdown of how all the pledges will be spent, for the sake of transparency.


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