Follow Friday: New Year’s Resolutions!

With 2015 upon us, the pressure’s on to stick with your New Year’s resolutions for as long as possible. For #FollowFriday, we’re focusing on Twitter accounts that keep us inspired to reach our goals for the year.

Jenni Powell

I never tend to set hard resolutions for myself, choosing instead to keep to a “make this year better than the last” mentality that seems to work pretty well for me (besides 2007, but we won’t get into that…). So in terms of inspiration, I go for things that are just generally inspiring. Which is why I love Great Minds Quotes.

It’s basically just what it describes itself to be: a Twitter feed of great quotes by great people, compiled by Sinead Duffy, a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & Life Coach located in Ireland. Duffy never uses the account to push her own agenda but simply shares quotes that she hopes “will challenge, motivate and inspire you”. That’s a Twitter feed I can get behind.

Evan DeSimone

It’s interesting that we would choose New Year’s Resolutions as the loose theme for this week’s #FollowFriday because one of my personal resolutions for this year concerns Twitter itself. Anyone who knows me knows that I spend more time than is technically healthy cooking up pithy tweets to amuse the masses. However, as any dedicated Twitter user will tell you, the platform isn’t exactly geared toward positivity. Obviously everyone on Twitter has their own voice, but evidence both anecdotal and statistical proves that snarky, snide, or negative tweets tend to have the most reach and garner the most faves and retweets. At 140 characters Twitter is perfectly designed for low-context snark. Normally I have no problem with that, but I think it’s important to maintain a balanced diet of content, so this year I’m injecting a little positivity into my feed.

Darth, or @Darth to use the correct form, is one of Twitter’s most enigmatic characters. An anonymous user with a penchant for lighting fast Photoshops, Darth is a meme making machine of the highest order. His 30,000 strong following consists largely of media types and hardcore Twitter enthusiasts, meaning that you’ve probably seen his Darth Vader-helmeted Red Panda avatar pop up in your feed from time to time. The best thing about Darth is that he’s a relentlessly upbeat force in a sea of sniping snark-monsters like myself. His feed is a constant stream of jokes, fresh memes, and retweets of cute animals. In December he donates his time to photoshop Santa hats onto the avatars of anyone shameless enough to ask (I asked). Darth isn’t a brand, or a media personality promoting his own work; he’s just a force for fun and that’s something I’d like to see more of in 2015.

Jeff Klima

My New Year’s resolution? Flight. I’ve always wanted to soar through the air, just feeling the wind at my fingertips, my cape rippling in the breeze as I look down over a city, trying to determine what would be the best crimes to commit. Really, I guess it’s to be a supervillain who flies, but since that’s not feasible really, I guess a pilot’s license would be the next best thing. I can’t even bring this up around my wife because it’s so expensive and it irritates her, but it’s totally going to happen. Probably. I just decided this the other day, so I haven’t researched it much. But I have begun following this Twitter account Flight Video & Photo, which covers all things airplanes. I highly suggest if you’re interested in soaring through the skies, you do the same.

Christine Linnell

As I’m still struggling my way through my first year in Los Angeles, my resolution for 2015 is to support good people doing quality work, make fun of the shallow and ridiculous, and stay sarcastic but positive. I can think of few social media personalities more helpful for that goal than Mystery Executive and his network of mysterious friends and colleagues working in the entertainment industry. It’s encouraging to know that there’s a group of people out there who don’t buy into their own hype, even if they have to stay anonymous to talk about it.


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