Follow Friday: Pinterest!

For this week’s Follow Friday, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite boards on Pinterest. (Some of us had to learn exactly how Pinterest works first, but it was worth it.) Whether you’re into food, cute animals or inspirational quotes, there’s enough here to keep you procrastinating for hours.

Jeff Klima

pin grilled cheese

Look, there’s a lot of social media platforms out there and I can’t be an expert on all of them (or, hell, even some of them) so maybe don’t trust my advice here. But considering I just signed up for Pinterest today (go me!), my favorite board ever is She Wears Many Hats. Dedicated to all sorts of stuff, no doubt (hence the channel name), I saw this picture of an amazing grilled cheese sandwich and said, “Hey, I love grilled cheese sandwiches!” So I pinned this recipe to my board. And now I am recommending her to you. So if you are the kind of person who needs to take advice from people like me, or hey! if you just want to be in the “cool club” like me, follow She Wears Many Hats. I haven’t looked at anything else of hers, but I’ll tell you this much: as far as this grilled cheese sandwich goes, she hasn’t let me down yet!

Cat O’Grady

pin assata

There are a lot of things I like about Pinterest. It’s a great place to get pictures of cosplays and DIYs and I’m pretty sure my friend planned her entire wedding on that website. But I’m also a big fan of anyone who uses websites like this to take a stand. This is from Katelyn Boyle’s board “Things We Should Be Talking About” and it’s exactly what it sounds like — things that we should be talking about. From info on what’s happening in Syria to info on Leelah Alcorn.

It was that board of hers that first got my attention, but Katelyn, like most of Pinterest, isn’t about just one thing. She has at least three boards about cute animals, not to mention her travel board and the kind of cosplay boards that brought me to Pinterest in the first place.

Evan DeSimone

pin tacquitos

I love to eat food, it’s basically my favorite thing to do, and when I’m not eating food I like to look at pictures of food and think about how happy I will be when I’m eating food again. Normally Instagram is good for this; people love to post pictures of things that they’ve eaten or things that they are eating and I like to look at those pictures and envy them, silently hoping that we’ll pull a Freaky Friday and switch bodies just in time for me to devour those delicious tacquitos in their place. The picture above is from one of the many brilliant boards assembled by Christy Denney, who goes by “The Girl Who Ate Everything.” I like her style, and so will you.

Christine Linnell

pinterest kitties

Ugh, how disgustingly adorable is this??? It’s a CAT and a TIGER CUB and they’re the SAME SIZE and they’re BUDDIES. If you love the unlikely friendships of the animal kingdom as much as me, check out the rest of “Interspecies Buddying,” a Pinterest board run by Thomas Hynes.


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