Follow Friday: Vines for the Weekend

The weekend is here — finally — so we’re keeping things fun and easy for Follow Friday and seeing what’s making the rounds on Vine these days. Enjoy a few six-second bursts of entertainment to get your evening off to a good start.

Jeff Klima

Cody Ko has one of the shortest names on Vine — but that’s only most of the reason I like him. The other reason is he is goddamn hilarious. But rather that letting you check him out for yourself, I figured I would put him right here in front of you and dare you not to watch. What’s that? You’re not going to watch? Damn, you beat me.

Evan DeSimone

It’s Friday, and this Brittany Furlan Vine pretty much says it all. What I mean by that is that I scrolled past it and laughed like a maniac for a solid five minutes which is proof positive that I am DONE. It’s been a long week and I think we’re all ready to call it. If you need me I’ll be remixing the weird noise Brittany makes in this into a killer Top 40 dance single. TGIF.

Christine Linnell

TheThirdPew sums up what probably goes on at “meninist” meetings. Dumb girls, always demanding to have doors opened for them. Just the worst.


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