Fundraiser Friday: Classic Alice

NMR is all about highlighting innovative new media projects and showing our support for up-and-coming content creators. So today we’re starting something new — Fundraiser Friday, a weekly feature about crowdfunding campaigns for projects that have caught our eye. Whether it’s an indie web series, a short film or a charity drive, these funding efforts can be a good way to give back to the online community. This week’s selection is Classic Alice.

One of many literary web series that have sprung up in the last few years, Classic Alice tells the story of Alice Rackham (played by series creator Kate Hackett), an overachieving English major who reacts to a bad grade on an essay by vowing to live her life according to the themes of classic novels — you know, like you do. Her friend Andrew makes a vlog-style documentary about the project, capturing the inevitable antics and dramas that surround Alice and her friends.

So far the multi-platform show has filmed 70 episodes, explored literary works from Crime and Punishment to Rip Van Winkle, and fleshed out storylines like the controversial outing of a lesbian character and a slow-burn romance between Alice and Andrew. Now the creators are trying to raise money on Indiegogo for a third season that will take them through Book 8 and beyond.

With just under $21,000 of their $60,000 goal raised and 18 days left in their campaign, Classic Alice has an uphill climb ahead — but the team and their loyal fans are determined and working hard. If this sounds like your kind of thing, catch up on the series and then swing by Indiegogo to help them out.


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