Guess How Much YouTube’s Whistle Sports Just Raised In Funding?


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Sports has quietly been a huge business on YouTube for a while now and if the numbers are any indication (and they are, what else do we have but cold, hard numbers?), YouTube-based sports videos are only getting bigger. Or maybe it’s only Whistle Sports that’s getting bigger?

The MCN, which has 12 million subscribers, just pulled down $28 million in investing from their latest funding round, and the latest crop of investors include major sports celebrity Peyton Manning who joins other investor and major sports celebrity Derek Jeter. Of course, as a HUGE Bronco fan I can bitterly state that Peyton now has an entire offseason to invest in sports-based YouTube MCNs.

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Now with Peyton being an investor though, YouTube should be getting a profile boost from his hopeful involvement in occasional video content for The Whistle. And since we’ve been buddies with The Whistle since their inception, maybe it’s time that they get us that solid gold basketball hoop for the office?

Just a thought …


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