Happy Little Trees: Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting Is Now Entirely Immortalized Online

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Bob Ross, the goofy, afro-headed free spirit who used to paint “happy little trees” on public access television via The Joy of Painting is a bonafide internet God. Now beloved after the fact (we’re so sorry, Bob, we were but children!), Bob was one of the most talented painters of them all. Add in his calm demeanor and his outright disdain for financial gain and you’ve got a unique sort of prophet — a New Age Buddha.

Of course, once his show went off the air and he died, that could have been the end of his message of better living through painting. But now, every episode of The Joy of Painting is available online, so you can fall in love with his talent and light spirit all over again.

You can find the rest of the episodes here. Don’t squander this gift twice, people!


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