Is’s Movies On Break The Newest Netflix Rival?

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Watch out, Netflix, your newest rival in a long, long list is, the Defy Media-run site that also brings you exciting guy-centric content and vids. Announcing their streaming service today, Movies On Break, the company has partnered with the likes of LionsGate to bring their impressive list of titles to your home screen. If you haven’t seen Winter’s Bone or Swimming With Sharks, I highly recommend them. And yup, you can watch them on Roku and Xbox and all that too.


Continuing in the vein that has made them number one in males 18-49 online, Break has curated not only dude-friendly genres like “Pulse-Pounding Action” and “Screen Junkies Approved,” but also categories like “Overlooked Gems” and “Before They Were Famous” to showcase their library of over 200 titles.

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“Increasingly, our millennial audience is tuning out of traditional media channels and into OTT options,” said Keith Richman, President, DEFY Media. “As we’ve continued to launch mobile and OTT devices, our engagement numbers have taken off with viewing sessions on Xbox and Roku eclipsing 30 minutes. With our ability to promote the movie offering to our 49 million YouTube subscribers, 70 million website visitors and the 22 million people who have downloaded our apps, we believe we are further positioning Break to be one of the dominant a la carte offerings of the future.”

The free, ad-supported service launches today, so be sure to check in to Movies on Break to see how they can make your Wednesday just a little more action-packed.

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