Is Nathan Leach the Next Big YouTube Musician? (Glenn Beck Thinks So)

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Nathan Leach has a simple channel with simple asthetics. Usually a static shot, just him and his guitar, Nathan has been flying under the radar for a couple years now. But one video, a cover of “Hero” by Family of the Year, has earned over 2.5 million views and caused Republican radio mouthpiece Glenn Beck to proclaim Nathan and his sister Eva, who duets with him on the track, “future stars.”

Leach, who often performs with his sister and sometimes with his entire family, has a definite “good family values” vibe that will no doubt be a pleasant draw for folks who like being identified by the term “folks.” Of course, now that a celebrity has thrown his endorsement into Nathan’s corner, it will be interesting to see if any record labels come crawling in his direction or even if the numbers for his future videos experience a sharp uptick. Everything that isn’t the “Home” cover has so far fizzled into the “30,000 views and under” club.

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