Is This The Best Way To Handle Online Bullying?

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Brad Knudson, dad of an adopted African American girl, was shocked when his daughter told him she was being bullied on Snapchat. Two twin high school-aged boys were using racial epithets (yup, including the big, bad one) against her, so Brad decided to try and make it right.

Fueled by the recent death of a friend’s young teenage son from bullying, Brad contacted the police, who brought the boys in for questioning. Additionally, Brad contacted the father of the boys, Deron Puro, and let him know what was up. Turns out, the father was worse than the kids, calling Brad back and leaving hateful voicemails on Brad’s phone. It’s pretty shocking and disgusting to hear.

So Brad took the step of outing Mr. Puro online in a bid to make him “own” his words. It’s sort of a “we’ll let public scrutiny deal with you”. Of course this opens Mr. Puro up to not only repercussions from his employer — who has already fired him over this (!) — his community and his neighbors, but also online influences like Anonymous, who can obnoxiously f**k with his world.

In the old days, if you didn’t like what someone had to say, you had to hope you were big enough to kick their ass, or you plugged them full of bullets and buried them in the woods. Is this new strategy of public vilification a better method? F**k yeah, it is. Good work, Knudson, your daughter is lucky to have what seems like a really great dad. Teach her to be just like you and she should do just fine in life.


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