Jack Vale And the 6 Best ‘Honesty’ Videos On YouTube

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Being honest is one of the best feelings you can experience. I’ve been honest and I’ve been dishonest, and let me tell you, telling the truth feels much, much better — not in the short term perhaps, but in the long run. Stealing makes you feel like, well, the kind of person who steals. And if someone’s ever stolen something from you, it makes you really angry — and having stolen something from someone else kind of negates your right to feel upset about it.

Since Jack Vale just dropped a terrific video online that documents the honesty of managers (or dishonesty, perhaps) we wanted to cover some other videos that tackled this interesting topic.

To be fair, though she told several lies in the process, eventually the manager Jack Vale documents does the right thing, which in the end should be what matters most. Of course, there’s a good chance she was just worried she’d show up on some surveillance footage, so maybe she deserves to get busted. As for the people in these other five videos, you decide.

5. Stealing From the Blind?

4. Homeless Man Gets Money For Honesty

3. Dennis Roady Honesty Test

2. JinkiesTV $100 Honesty Prank

Roman Atwood Blowing Money Test

Verdict: People mostly DON’T suck.

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