‘Like, Share, Die,’ Mondo Media’s New TV Show On Fusion, Airs Tonight

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Remember back in October when we told you that Mondo Media, producers of Dick Figures and Happy Tree Friends, was launching a new television show on Fusion? Yeah, me neither, but here’s the article as proof, and my name’s on it, so I guess I did. Well, now that we’re both up to speed:

That show we’ve all been waiting for launches today!

Called “Like, Share, Die,” the series is an amalgamation of various animated bits, designed to make you laugh uproariously. Check out the teaser below — that looks like something you want to watch, yeah?

In all seriousness, I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from Mondo Media, so I feel like I will enjoy the shit out of this madcappery.

The show, on Fusion TV, will be available to about 40 million homes and will air tonight at 10:30. Sure, when we first announced it, they speculated that it would air back in December, but you know how this stuff goes … it’s Hollywood, babe. The point is, we’ve got 20 episodes (so far) of silly, profane sweetness heading our direction.

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And just in case you were worried we wouldn’t include some generic and cracker-dry statement from some random executive: “Mondo has a unique sensibility and platform for finding, producing and building large, loyal digital audiences,” said Wade Beckett, Fusion’s Chief Programming Officer. “They’ve demonstrated they can adapt their best performing properties into longer forms for television and feature film, so we are excited to bring their unique brand of comedy to Fusion’s audience.”


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