Mamrie Hart To Guest Star On New FailArmy Fox Series

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 2.05.31 PM

Okay, get this: FailArmy is involved with a Fox series based on its YouTube channel, which makes it a new Fox TV show based on a YouTube channel that is itself based off old Fox World’s Dumbest … reality-style content. At least, we think that’s what is happening. Who cares though, as long as they’ve got Mamrie Hart involved! Set to guest star on an upcoming episode of the new series called, surprise, World’s Funniest Falls, one of the funniest people on YouTube is about to class up network television.

The show, which is hosted by Terry Crews (I can’t say his name without thinking of the “Old Spice” tune playing as his boobs shake), has a panel of guest judges deliberating on what the funniest fall was from the previous week’s videos.

While we’re dubious about Fox reality series in general, getting the FailArmy involved was a step in the smart direction. And scoring Mamrie at least guarantees NMR will tune in for one episode. If they want to have a shot at success, they need to keep booking YouTubers instead of one-offs from, say, Last Comic Standing, who don’t have that built-in dedicated fan base.

The show premieres Friday, Jan. 16 at 8pm, so drop in and support your fellow YouTubers.


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