Music Monday: Medleys!

If you’d like to catch up on your favorite genre of music but just don’t have the time, take a shortcut with these awesome medleys from some of the best artists on YouTube!

Christine Linnell

N’SYNC’s classic hits have never sounded better than in this awesome a capella medley from Pentatonix. (Docked two points for skipping the epic “IT’S GONNA BE MAY” line, however.)

Evan DeSimone

Let’s be honest, the summer of 2014 was a dubious one for pop music. Top 40 fans endured the tyrannical reign of Iggy’s “Fancy” only to be further terrorized by musical Al’Qaeda cell leader Meghan Trainor. We desperately searched for a song of the summer, but instead of delivering Becky G’s flawless jam “Shower” the airwaves embraced Sam Smith’s entirely undancable wailing on “Stay With Me.” Musically speaking it was the darkest of times. Fortunately YouTube’s ace pop-duo Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider were just the heroes that we needed to rescues us from 10,000 years of Top 40 darkness. Their 2014 Summer Pop Medley takes a bunch of musical lemons and makes a sweet pitcher of refreshing pop lemonade.

Rachel Kiley

Jessie J is one of the greatest pop artists of our time. There. I said it. If you disagree, you can fight me. But dammit if she doesn’t have an amazing voice and super catchy songs. However, this isn’t about Jessie J so much as it is about another up-and-coming act from the UK covering a medley of her songs. Neon Jungle has been around long enough to put out one EP and one full length album, but though they were formed by one of the traditional UK pop music routes of talent scouting (the other being “we were on The X Factor”), possibly their most important presence at the moment is their YouTube presence. (At least as far as America goes. I can’t teleport to the UK and see how well they’re doing there, and why would I spend time researching when I could just be watching their YouTube videos instead?) Though they’ve got several solid, kick-ass music videos with songs I personally can’t get enough of, their strengths are undoubtedly in their performances recorded specifically for either of their two channels, many of which are covers. This medley of Jessie J songs from early on in their existence as a group is super toned down — just the four girls and a dude with a guitar singing in a room with a mediocre camera like any YouTuber starting a new channel would do. It showcases their talents, personalities, and– okay, I’m advertising. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I love them. But this song is great and you should listen to it. Hooray! Medleys!

Sara Parra

This isn’t a medley in the traditional sense, but since medley means “a varied mixture of people or things; a miscellany,” I like to think that Meghan Tonjes mixing music and current events applies. Her parody of the song “Rude” with all new lyrics about alleged rapist and molestor Sam Pepper is on-freaking-point, and the ‘Don’t Prank Me’ t-shirt that she created is pretty much the most subtle piece of shade I’ve ever seen.

On that note, she did write an original song to Pepper, and it’s just as fantastic as her parody.

Carrington Walsh

The second I heard medleys, I knew there is only one medley I could choose. This lovely holiday medley from Max Schneider and Victoria Justice. I know what you’re thinking: “Christmas is over! Go away!” But I’m that weird person that REALLY loves Christmas music, regardless of the time of year. So please enjoy, even if it is technically January 5.


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