Music Mondays: Redeeming Covers of Annoying Songs

We all have songs that make us want to shove sharp objects in our ears (or whatever form of hyperbolic bodily harm you prefer). Sometimes, though, the song isn’t so terrible when a different, more pleasant person covers it. Here are some of our favorite YouTubers who have somewhat redeemed the music we hate.

Evan DeSimone

When we settled on today’s topic I knew what I had to do, so with grim resolve I set out to find a version of “All About That Bass” that didn’t make me want to hurl myself into the sea never to return. I have seen the song performed by men, women, children, and pets. I have seen it rendered into countless terrible forms by musicians with varying degrees of skill. I have stared into the abyss and the abyss has starred into me etc. etc. What I’ve learned is that that song is completely terrible and also the worst no matter how you slice it.

However, should find yourself forced to listen to it because, for instance, you are being held in a CIA detention center where they are playing it on a 24 hour loop as part of a dubious torture program, I hope you are lucky enough to get the Mikey Bolts version. Mikey is a musician and an impressionist and his cover of this Megan Trainor trainwreck utilizing a half dozen flawless voices from cartoons like “Family Guy” and “King of the Hill.” I do still believe that “All About That Bass” is a scar on the face of pop music, but now I won’t need quite as much therapy to recover from those covers.

Jeff Klima

Wow, when talking about covers of songs I hate by YouTubers I love, I would be remiss if I didn’t choose PostModern Jukebox’s cover of “Royals.” I dislike this song, but I friggin’ LOVE PMJ’s cover of it. The best part is borrowed frontman Puddles, a seven-foot-tall clown with operatic range. The real crime is that he doesn’t have his own YouTube channel because I would watch it every day of my life. Unless “Royals” came on — then I would change it to something else. But I’d be back right after.

Christine Linnell

Like many women of my generation, I freaking haaaaaate Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and
am reluctant to recommend any version of it, particularly that sleazy music video where he’s pawing at a bunch of mostly-naked women. However, replace Robin Thicke with Taryn Southern and Julia Price and the mostly-naked women with a bunch of their fun-loving YouTube friends, and you’re left with a pretty hilarious and admittedly catchy tune that Marvin Gaye’s family might not want to distance themselves from. Something about hearing Taryn croon “you’re a good boy” to a goofy-looking dude in his underpants is very therapeutic.

Carrington Walsh

“Habits” by Tove Lo is one of my least favorite songs. I think it’s probably because the song is catchy and somewhat cherry, but all about drug abuse. I especially hate this song because I hear little 11 year olds singing it, and they tend to not realize they’re singing about drug abuse. Anyway, Lia Marie Johnson‘s cover makes the song much more tolerable. The song actually sounds emotional and less pop-like. So thank you, Lia Maria Johnson, for making this song a lot better.

Sara Parra

The minute the internet got a hold of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” it became the most hated song ever created. Often mislabeled as the worst piece of music in existence (there’s worse, look up “Gnesa“), Black ode to the last day of the week ended up topping the charts because of how bad it was.

Well, if there was ever a group that could save the monstrosity that is “Friday” it’s Jimmy Kimmel and The Roots. Even better? Stephen Colbert took the lead on the cover, making it all better for the rest of us.

Rachel Kiley

I really wanted to do a Lana Del Rey song for this feature considering they are pretty much all terrible and she sounds like a cross between an aging cabaret singer and a slowly dying beached whale. But alas, after much research, it turns out even the covers of her songs don’t strip away their awfulness. So instead, I had to go with this Pentatonix cover of the vastly overrated “Thrift Shop.” Unlike the majority of the internet, I don’t hate Macklemore, but I could just never get into this song. Thankfully, Pentatonix took the opportunity to do what they do best, which is make everything so very much better than initially was.


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