Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz Battle To The Death On The YouTube Daily Top 20


Thursday, January 15 2015

The top video on the YouTube Daily 20 today is titled “Nancy Grace Battles 2 Chainz Over Pot.” The video actually appears twice both at number 1 and number 3, but let me tell you, it is a disappointment. An all out battle between Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz would be amazing, but they don’t even draw weapons or transform into their final forms. They just argue about weed without throwing a single punch. Nancy Grace doesn’t even attempt to incinerate 2 Chainz with Fiendfyre. Further down the list Jimmy Fallon pours water on Chris Hemsworth and Matt Leblanc insults the royal family but I’m too disappointed to even talk about that.

#1 Nancy Grace Battles 2 Chainz over Pot: Think of the Children – Buzz Sourse

#2 Twins Come Out To Dad –The Rhodes Bros

#3 Nancy Grace Battles 2 Chainz Over Pot – HLN

#4 The Most Annoying People on the Plane starring Sir Patrick Stewart – Jimmy Kimmel Live

#5 Water War With Chris Hemsworth – The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

#6 Project Ara: Part Of It – Google ATAP

#7 GoPro: It’s Always Sunny In Walter’s World – GoPro

#8 Nintendo Direct 1-14-2015 – Nintendo

#9 Studio City Macao –Blog Mkb490

#10 New Avengers Trailer Arrives – Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 2 – Marvel Entertainment

#11 Matt LeBlanc Told Off Prince William & Prince Harry – Team Coco

#12 Pagurus Bernhardus Hermit Crab changes shell. Slow motion at the end –stevierar

#13 PlayBox – The PS4 / XBOX ONE Combo Laptop –Eddie Zarick

#14 Why Tipping Should Be Banned – College Humor

#15 Guardians Of The Galaxy – 8-Bit – Cinefix

#16 Affordable High-Speed Broadband for All Americans – The White House

#17 Spy Trailer – The Ellen Show

#18 Matthew McConaughey – Dazed and Confused Audition – The Criterion Collection

#19 Police Pepper Spray, Tear Gas Celebrants – The Columbus Dispatch

#20 Lena Dunham on the Backlash to Her Book, Her Unique Upbringing, and the New Season of ‘Girls’ – Grantland

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