Nash Grier’s iPod Could Be Yours…If You Have $100k


Apparently being Vine’s most bankable homophobe isn’t enough to keep Nash Grier in the black. The king of six second videos is raising some extra coin by auctioning off a precious piece of Grier family memorabilia. Nash’s original iPod touch, recently unearthed in an archeological cleaning expedition by Grier’s mother, can now be yours! Of course that’s only if you’re willing to beat the highest bidder on Ebay. The last bid stands at a paltry $99,900. I know that sounds steep, but you have to remember that the iPod is engraved with Nash Grier’s actual name AND it still works. You could own a piece of Grier family history and rock out to Nash’s personal playlists for a mere $100k. How could anyone say no!



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