#News Takes Us Back To The Future at CES


If you’ve been wondering where all the nerds in your life have been recently the answer is they’ve gone to Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show better known as CES2015. However what happens in Vegas definitely isn’t going to stay in Vegas. CES is a chance for techies to check out the latest gadgets before they land on our shelves and in our pockets later this year. Basically CES is like a glimpse into the future, but how does that future rate compared to all the other options?

Fortunately for us pop culture has given us the perfect reference point. 2015 is the year that Marty McFly travelled to in the classic Back To The Future II, and the #News team has brought in the amazing Misty Kingma to see how our version of 2015 stacks up against the 2015 of 1989. Usually the science fiction future has an edge, but in the last year we’re managed to crack hover boards and jetpacks so I wouldn’t count IRL 2015 out.

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