Now Kisssssss! The Seven Best Kiss Cam Fails On YouTube

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Ah, the ol’ “Kiss Cam.” We’re pretty sure there’s no better way to force unsuspecting crowd members to do our collective bidding. If couples, arbitrarily shipped by the Kiss Cam operators, don’t make out for our amusement, we boo and harass them. It’s sort of an “Old Rome gladiatorial coliseum” thing — a holdover from a bygone era. And since those poor spectators are chosen at random based on who some cameraperson thinks “looks like a couple,” oftentimes there is a lot of room for error. So we decided to present the seven best Kiss Cam fails on YouTube.

And before we get too far into this thing, it should be noted that Kiss Cams have become a cheap source of arenas garnering viral recognition — and as a result, increasing numbers of Kiss Cam fails have been manufactured to entertain the crowd. Yup, the Kiss Cam has gone the way of scripted “reality” television. And to think it used to be the greatest symbol of purity that sporting events had left. Which ones of these are real? You decide.

7. Guy Has Sign Ready For Kiss Cam

6. Girls Forced To Go “Lesbian” By Pervy Cam Operator

5. Lonely Guy Gets Beered

4. Guy Proposes During Kiss Cam — REJECTED!

3. Bulls Mascot Saves Spurned Lover

2. Caught Cheating? Not Quite Kiss Cam, But Just As Awkward

1. Guy Chooses Beer Over Girlfriend

And no, we didn’t forget that fake one with the girl who pours her beer on the guy’s head.

Which is your favorite Kiss Cam fail? Find out your friend’s fav for us too.