Overshare Trend? 8 Pregnancy Test Results Posted To YouTube That Might Make You Cry

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The latest trend people are calling tacky in regards to YouTube is the posting of pregnancy test results. Women have taken to filming what was once considered an intensely private moment and sharing it with the world, positive results or negative.

One of the women who has made such a video, Corrine Hounslow, said to the Daily News: “At first, I was shocked, after all, taking a pregnancy test is such a private thing. As I watched these videos (though), I realised I wasn’t alone in trying to conceive. There were thousands of women like me. Some were successful, others weren’t, yet here they were, sharing their stories. I found it incredibly reassuring.”

So something that, on its face, might seem crass to the old world puritans is actually the new media world’s way of communicating on a grander scale than previously encountered. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, grandma! Oh, and here are eight of those videos that share those differing pregnancy results — the new media way is for you to make up your own mind whether you want to watch.

8. Meet the Jacksons

7. MCubed1010

6. ErinandBaby

5. invitroexperiment

4. jonasnjennlove

3. Kendra B

2. Myka Stauffer

1. LaFairy Casique

Welp, now we’ve taken that trip together. Share this with a friend … no, 10 friends … or some bad chain-letter type shit will befall you. Maybe you’ll get pregnant — even if you’re a dude.