Photo Doggies For Anthony: Can Thousands Of Pet Pics Save A Cancer Kid’s Life?

Do pictures of your pets wearing silly hats have the power to heal? It looks like we’re going to find out. Anthony Lyons, a 16-year-old teen battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia in an Arizona hospital, had a special request: he wanted to see pictures of funny animals. And now Facebook has responded massively.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.44.33 AM

Thousands of pictures of people’s pets have been posted to the Facebook page Photo Doggies for Anthony — which was set up by a family friend. Over 300,000 photos have poured in over the last couple days to comfort Anthony and lift his spirits on the days when the hospital’s actual therapy dogs aren’t there to make his day personally.

“When I’m in the hospital bed all day my mom goes through all the pictures, she sees them all,” Anthony told “She’ll show me them all, doesn’t matter but the special ones are the funniest ones.”

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Surprise, surprise, the internet found out someone wanted to see their photos of their pets and responded accordingly. Now let’s see if it works. And possibly more importantly: lets see if someone posts a pic we haven’t all seen a hundred times before.

Of course, it might be a little tough to look at the page right now: it has been indefinitely shut down after some dickhead posted a pic of a dead dog to the site. Hopefully, this is just a temporary hiccup and the page pops back soon because this has the power to brighten everyone’s day.

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