Reddit Mystery Spot (your guide to crazy subreddits): r/GreenDawn

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Here on NMR’s Weekend Edition, we’re always looking for the weird stuff on the web. Maybe because it’s the weekend, maybe because we ate too much paint as a kid, but we like ODD. On Sundays, we dredge up the strange and amazing things that YouTube has to offer with our YouTube Treasure Hunter series. On Saturdays, we focus on one of the best sites for weird content: Reddit.

Reddit is sort of a catchall of the web — all the world’s information, disinformation and cat pictures filter through there and users of the free site upvote or downvote the information based on how interesting they find it. This usually winds up in some pretty strange stuff being upvoted to the front page. But to get REALLY WEIRD you have to crawl down into one of the many subreddits out there — and there are thousands.

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Like the Parisian catacombs, you can truly get lost in Reddit’s subterranean layers. That’s why, each Saturday, we’ve dedicated ourselves to presenting you with one unusual subreddit for you to explore at your leisure.

Caution: Some of the stuff found within might be VERY NSFW depending on the subreddit we explore. If it’s an entirely NSFW or nasty subreddit, we will warn you below. Also, if you’re working today, you deserve to look at NSFW stuff!

Today’s Reddit Mystery Spot:


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Remember when you were young and believed in all the magic of the world? Green Dawn might be a perfect subreddit for you. Devoted to the impending takeover of the world by little green army men, Green Dawn is childlike imagination and innocence come to life. With pics of the toy soldiers from all over the globe, one gets the feeling that not only is Toy Story real, it was actually meant as a warning.

As far as Reddit holes go, this one is incredibly basic and easy to navigate.  Here are the “rules” for the site: Your mission, should you choose to accept: to strategically place little Army men throughout your hometown and businesses you come upon in your journeys. Use caution. A misplaced soldier could be discovered and go MIA. You will be asked to share your exploits with us. An insignia should be left on the underside of the base of your soldier. A calling card that will let the world know that we mean business. *This is a covert operation and discretion is advised.*

Doesn’t get more simple or childishly fun and magical than that. Imagine finding one of these little green f**kers about town one day and knowing exactly what the hell is up.

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r/GreenDawn information:

Totally riddled with NSFW: Not even a little bit.   
Violent, morbid or outright evil:  We’ll see what happens when the revolution begins, but so far, all is quiet on the western front. 
Okay for kids: MEANT for kids and kids at heart!  
Started: ?
Number of members: 23,651 Silent Warriors 
Is it active: Yes. Not as active as it should/could be though. 
Friendliness of community: This is the goddamn army, Private. We’re too busy bustin’ balls and breakin’ walls to chat about kitty cats.
Funniness of comments: Not exactly funny on the surface, it’s more like a deeper meta funny. 
Sample post: Yankee Sierra reporting. Steak-n-Shake has been infiltrated. Provisions are secure.
Sample comment:

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Subreddit’s best feature:

There is a terrific seriousness to this fun. It makes you want to believe that “the shit” is really going down. Also, their global positioning map is something special: 

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