Reddit Mystery Spot (your guide to crazy subreddits): r/Superbowl

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Here on NMR’s Weekend Edition, we’re always looking for the weird stuff on the web — and on Saturdays, we like to focus on one of the best sites for weird content: Reddit.

Reddit is sort of a catchall of the web — all the world’s information, disinformation and cat pictures filter through there and users of the free site upvote or downvote the information based on how interesting they find it. This usually winds up in some pretty strange stuff being upvoted to the front page. But to get REALLY WEIRD you have to crawl down into one of the thousands of subreddits out there.

(Caution: Some of the stuff found within might be VERY NSFW depending on the subreddit we explore. If it’s an entirely NSFW or nasty subreddit, we will warn you below.)

Today’s Reddit Mystery Spot:


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Excited for the big game tomorrow? If you’re a Redditor and you’re looking for information on Super Bowl 49, don’t head over to r/Superbowl. One of the silliest jokes on Reddit, r/superbowl is meant to draw in sports nuts and instead expose them to the ornithological majesties of the Superb Owl. Yes, it’s a total owl-related subreddit, with posters submitting their favorite owl-related photos. Like some brainchild of r/firstworldanarchists, r/superbowl likely doesn’t have a true owe fanatic in it. It’s just 4,000 people invested in one beautifully nerdy joke. Join in the fun, won’t you?

r/Superbowl information:

Totally riddled with NSFW: Just owls as far as the eye can see. Owl eyes can see really far.    
Violent, morbid or outright evil:  Evil is a subjective term, but even then, nah.  
Okay for kids: Go nuts.  
Started: 2012
Number of members: 4,604 readers 
Is it active: Normally no, but because of the actual Super Bowl, there have been a few new submissions. 
Friendliness of community: No real community to speak of, just one-stop shoppers, popping in and out. 
Funniness of comments: What comments? Most of the posts just stand pat. They are only willing to put in some work to be meta — not go full bore.    
Sample post:

Free Livestream of the Superbowl below:


Sample comment:


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Subreddit’s best feature:

The name alone is the best feature. It’s a one note joke, but ’round this time of year, it’s a great one-note joke. Pop in, laugh at the cleverness and then forget about it until next year. 

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