Reddit Mystery Spot (your guide to crazy subreddits): r/wtf

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Here on NMR’s Weekend Edition, we’re always looking for the weird stuff on the web. Maybe because it’s the weekend, maybe because we ate too much paint as a kid, but we like ODD. On Sundays, we dredge up the strange and amazing things that YouTube has to offer with our YouTube Treasure Hunter series. We highly recommend it if you like WEIRD nostalgia. On Saturdays, we focus on one of the best sites for weird content: Reddit.

Reddit is sort of a catchall of the web — all the world’s information, disinformation and cat pictures filter through there and users of the free site upvote or downvote the information based on how interesting they find it. This usually winds up in some pretty strange stuff being upvoted to the front page. But to get REALLY WEIRD you have to crawl down into one of the many subreddits out there — and there are thousands.

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Like the Parisian catacombs, you can truly get lost in Reddit’s subterranean layers. That’s why, each Saturday, we’ve dedicated ourselves to presenting you with one unusual subreddit for you to explore at your leisure.

Caution: Some of the stuff found within might be VERY NSFW depending on the subreddit we explore. If it’s an entirely NSFW or nasty subreddit, we will warn you below.

Also, if you’re working today, you deserve to look at NSFW stuff!

Today’s Reddit Mystery Spot:


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Wtf is absolutely a subreddit that lives up to its name. One of the most popular subreddits, it is the domain of pics, vids, and all manner of bizarre content from bizarre stalagmites to nightmare sexual practices to violence and horrifying puke nightmares. If you really want to crawl the underbelly of weirdness on Reddit, r/wtf is the first place you should look. To clarify what constitues r/wtf, here is a portion of a post that a site moderator put up to explain: A picture of this broken leg (no matter how much bone you may be able to see) is entirely expected of the situation and is not ‘WTF’ in nature. If a clown showed up and started humping your leg afterwards and you managed to snap a picture, then please feel free to post that. That’s pretty ‘WTF’. Yeah, that sounds pretty wtf to me too.

r/wtf information:

Totally riddled with NSFW: F**k yes! 
Violent, morbid or outright evil: F**k yes! 
Okay for kids: F**k no!
Started: ?
Number of members: 4,486,044
Is it active: Yes.
Friendliness of community: It’s a mix. Like most subreddits, if you’re funny you get the uupvote no matter how crude. Offensiveness plays well here.
Funniness of comments: Also a mix. It depends on the topic, but some of the best comments are the ones that just provide some insightful context into whatever the hell it is you are looking at.  
Sample post: Two Girls Were Caught Sunbaking On A Grave At A Local Cemetery
Sample comment:


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Subreddit’s best feature: The incredible diversity of its subject matter is the real draw — it’s a complete mixed bag hodgepodge of silly, random and nightmarish. And the titles are sometimes ambiguous enough that you don’t know what you’re getting. Sometimes the most harmless-sounding post about a coat hanger turns out to be a literal “sounding” horrorshow. Look it up if you don’t know what “sounding” is. On second thought, don’t.   

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