ScottDW Teaches Us Valuable Life Lessons In His 7 Best Videos

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It’s never been a secret that NMR loves pretty much everything ScottDW does. He’s one of the most talented creators working in YouTube — not just musically but visually as well. Scott thinks like Quentin Tarantino does: pairing music and imagery in a dynamic manner that tells a compelling story and gives a little message to go along with it. Move over Aesop and f**k your fables.

Scott’s latest video, High School Dance Battle, for instance, teaches us that bullies are okay if they are really badass at dancing. And I think that is a message we can all get behind. Wait, what do you mean that isn’t the message? Hmm, I better watch it again.

In the meantime, while I’m rewatching (and vibing on!) this video, here are six other of our favorite videos from ScottDW and what the message is that we learned from them. All apologies to Scott if we misinterpreted …

6. Russian vs Snowmen

Message: Mother Russia is insane and has superior firepower. Bow down before Supreme Overlord Putin and his cadre of overweight marksmen.

5. Craziest Beach Volleyball Game Ever

Message: Fat people are just plain better at everything — even at being oblivious.

4. 80’s Aerobic Dance Battle

Message: New Mustangs are sick! Also: The ‘80s were embarrassing for everyone.

3. Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk

Message: Don’t be afraid to be afraid of your boss … OR: If you have a passion for something, do it in an alleyway where you don’t think you’ll be caught.

2. Star Wars vs Star Trek: The Dance Battle Begins

Message: JJ Abrams is NOT going to f**k up our beloved nerd properties.

1. Kitten Air

Message: Not all Dubstep is terrible!


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