See The Epic Game of Thrones Minecraft Project


We’ve seen some ambitious Minecraft projects before, but this one has to take the cake. For the last three years the team at WesterosCraft has been painstakingly recreating the entire world of Game of Thrones. The continent of Westeros with all of its castles, cities, and landmarks is being slowly and painstakingly recreated in the world of Minecraft by a team of over 100 volunteer builders. Fortunately for us, they’ve been uploading their progress to YouTube so fans can enjoy sweeping cinematics of Westerosi cities like Kings Landing, or detailed walkthroughs of Winterfell, Dragon Stone and the Red Keep. Creators haven’t limited themselves to what’s been revealed on the show; they’re slowly working their way through every location described in George R.R. Martin’s sweeping series of novels.

This overview gives you some idea of the scale of this project. Every location from Sunspear to The Wall has been assembled in exact detail, block by block.

In this timelapse you can see that amount of time and teamwork that went into designing and constructing Dragonstone, the grim former Targaryen stronghold and current seat of Iron Throne claimant Stannis Baratheon.

It’s not just the big names that are getting their homes and holdings recreated block-by-block. Take a walking tour of Lonelylight, the most remote of the Iron Islands and the seat of House Farwynd, a location that has yet to appear on HBO’s adaptation of the novels.

If you, like the remaining Starks, are feeling a little nostalgic for better days, you can pay a visit to Winterfell, the home of House Stark and the defacto capital of the North.

Once you have a sense of what these builds look like up close, it’s easier to appreciate these cinematic views of some of the group’s more ambitious undertakings, like the construction of the Riverlands.

If you’re looking for something different than distinctly Nordic Winterfell or high fantasy Dragonstone, you can fly south to Sunspear, the seat of House Martel and the capital of Dorne. The novels don’t provide a ton of detail about Dorne but it’s easy to imagine that the southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms might be home to some traditionally Arabic architecture.

Of course no visit to Westeros is complete without a trip to see the series’ most iconic landmark, the sky-scraping Wall and Castle Black, home of the Night’s Watch that guards it.

The WesterosCraft team just celebrated their three year anniversary, and their work is not even close to done. As fan projects go, this one goes way beyond a labor of love, so check out the world they’re building and show it some love.

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